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Vladimir Putin Promised to Support The Museum inside The Tu-144 SST


To answer the rector’s question the head of state promised to support the unique museum project.


Открытие интерактивного музея на базе Ту-144 переносится


Открытие музея не состоится 31 декабря 2018. Событие переносится на следующий год в связи с рядом объективных причин.


«Skillful Verb» Tell About The Museum Inside The Tu-144 SST


The winners of the «Skillful Verb» contest for media and journalists met the project of the future museum.


Run «The First» - Run with KAI!


More than 100 people joined charity run «The First».


Engineering World through Pupils’ Eyes


The Engineering boarding lyceum summer school passed in last days of August.


«Wings for Life» - Adventure into the engineering world


The Summer School opened in KNRTU-KAI


Tu-144 was Presented at the "Museum Guide" Forum


The future Interactive Museum of Technology was presented as a successful example of the integration of science and museum...


The Backlight of the Tu-144 is Switched On


On Thursday, January 18, a light-dynamic backlight was officially switched on under Tu-144 situated near the university's campus.


"Clear for Takeoff!" Unique Footage of Tu-144’s Maiden Flight in 1968


The documentary, shot in 1969, shows the Tu-144’s maiden flight on December 31, 1968.