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Polymedia project


The museum concept includes such possibilities as flying in virtual reality glasses along the Moscow-Alma-Ata route, studying the history of the creation of the Tu-144 with the help of an interactive flight attendant, as well as an individual selection of interesting information for the visitor through thematic presentations on interactive tablets.

The effect of the flight is recouped externally: a video projection is made on the fuselage.

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Zarnitsa project


Artifacts in the museum will tell the visitors about the history of aviation.

Visitors will be able to see the stages of creating the legendary Tu-144, get acquainted with its creators and learn about the records of Soviet designers using interactive demonstration complexes and a retro-hall with the possibility of passing a virtual quest.

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Viking project


In this concept the museum’s exposition space is divided into several segments: a cinema hall, two thematic zones inside the cabin, a "memorial" compartment with seats and a cockpit, a gallery "Future of Aviation".

It is supposed to carry out two types of excursions: a traditional one (with a guide) and multimedia one (with the help of several gadgets).

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Samrukh project

According to this concept the museum will include several zones: a cinema hall where films about engineers and airplanes will be demonstrated, historical halls of engineers and designers, a quest room and exterior exposition. One of the engines of the Tu-144 will demonstrate its internal arrangement. In order to attract attention, special art objects are also used.

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Video file with 3D-visualization